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RUK is a network of research centers at the intersection of art, science and technology. In this interdisciplinary triangle, we are developing innovative products and services for the soft and humane technology of the future. The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund. More ...



04.05.2020 12:40

The cybernetic laboratory KIBLA was established in 1996 in the Narodni dom in Maribor, as one of the first computer laboratories with free and public access to computer equipment and the Internet in Slovenia. As part of the project RUK (2019-2023), one of the development networks for Slovene arts and culture research centers, KIBLA2LAB is currently being established in Portal, Valvasorjeva 40 in Maribor.


mag. Zoran Poznič


In the field of art, culture, science, technology and economy, KIBLA2LAB provides research and specific education, establishes an idea incubator for the development, planning, production and implementation of ideas on the supply market, and establishes connections with partners: business entities, research institutes, faculties and universities, cultural and artistic organizations and institutions, non-governmental organizations, and public institutions.

Specific framework 

The testing, production and implementation laboratory will be a nexus of research, production and artistic activities. We will gradually upgrade the research intermedia and interdisciplinary lab with modern technology, in the first stage with 3D scanning equipment for large buildings and urban areas, 3D design and photogrammetry, geolocation AR, VR and MR visualizations (virtual, augmented and mixed reality) for different needs, volumetric video and film, and 3D objects and models' generation. Activities range from ideas and design to modeling in established digital environments and realization in the desired form, virtual or material, as preparation for placing on the market.


The purpose of KIBLA2LAB is interdisciplinary education and the creation of interdisciplinary services and products. KIBLA2LAB will establish a dedicated infrastructure. Continuous upgrading of the action plan for the functioning and establishment of interdisciplinary teams on individual projects, using creative methods (the double diamond and the creative idea module), preparation of work and business plans for projects, continuous education, creative meetings and focused workshops with external collaborators, as well as communication between the creative sector and the market, are the foundations of the KIBLA2LAB.

Program and thematic orientations 

- digitalization of natural, artistic, cultural and industrial heritage 

- creative well-being: humanization of pharmacy and medicine 

- technology for democratic processes and critical reflection 

1. Digitalization of natural, artistic, cultural and industrial heritage

We connect objects and stories from the past and notions about them with the contemporary social context as a modernized identity and social connection. We will develop the digitization of artistic, cultural, industrial and natural heritage, VR, AR and MR applications, 3D and 4D technologies, digital cartography, interactive mapping, and digital storytelling.

2. Creative well-being: humanization of pharmacy and medicine

Creative well-being involves radical changes in our relationships towards health and attitudes towards one's own body, dietary habits, health care, aging and dying. We will develop methods that connect pharmacy, alternative methods, health care and citizens' needs; we will provide vulnerable and alternative groups with a voice and develop speculative and practical alternatives to common practices and applications. We will connect with organizations and innovators in an international network.

3. Technology for democratic processes and critical reflection 

Our society is becoming more and more dependent on technology at an increasingly faster rate. The faster and better we are able to understand, the better we become at controlling and influencing reality. It is important to ensure open, transparent and inclusive processes that are relevant to all. We will focus on the world wide web, data packages, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and the process of developing an ethics of emerging technologies, models, and algorithms within modern social sciences. We will produce digital infographics, animations, AV production, mobile applications, interactive installations, sustainable models and strategies, e-books, and ICT in everyday use for disadvantaged groups – children with special needs, the disabled, the blind and visually impaired, the deaf and hard of hearing, pensioners and the elderly.


Kibla Portal, 2. floor
Valvasorjeva ulica 40
2000 Maribor




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