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Autumn Festival season is just around the corner

20.09.2023 09:00

We are pleased to announce that the International Intermedia Festivals will continue their long-standing mission this year:

 - Speculum Artium, festival of new media culture / 20 - 23 September /Trbovlje

 - IZIS, festival of audiovisual and new media art / 6 – 22 October / Koper

 - KIBLIX Festival of art, technologx and science / 26 October – 29 December / Maribor

The fifteenth festival of new media culture Speculum Artium 2023 questions our fundamental ideas about art, relativizes the relationship between man and machine and reflects on the nature of humanity. The main guest of this year's festival is Compressorhead, a robotic musical group that performs legendary rock hits. Along with them 39 other artists from Slovenia and abroad are presenting their works. Also this year, the international video festival DigitalBigScreen will take place at the same time.

The 11th edition of the IZIS, festival of audiovisual and new media art is entitled Elementary Particles and, as last year, will take place at the Libertas warehouse in Koper.

This year's 21st edition of the KIBLIX festival is entitled "Hypocrisy and Pride" and brings a different concept from last year's edition, which was dedicated to "Love and Peace". Most of the festival activities will take place in the KIBLA PORTAL.

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