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Neo Christopher Chung and Simon Whetham at KIBLIX 2022

16.11.2022 19:00

In October, artist and scientist Neo Christopher Chung, and sound artist Simon Whetham completed their residencies in the RUK Network at KIBLA2LAB.

Both artists will present their works at the KIBLIX 2022 festival, which starts next Wednesday, 16 November 2022, at KIBLA PORTAL in Maribor. Neo will exhibit a work entitled Artificial Perspectives, which was created during the residency and through which the viewers can have immersive multimodal experiences, where they can interact with a post-human machine. During the residency, Simon, in collaboration with KIBLA2LAB, also performed a Kinetic-Sonic Jam, in which, after brainstorming and experimenting together, he and the participants assembled a kinetic body of sound and light, which the artist then assembled into the installation Altered Perspectives, which will be presented at the festival.