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Festival KIBLIX

04.05.2020 18:02

KIBLIX is an open-code festival connecting art, technology and science. Since its first edition in 2002, KIBLIX has been primarily addressing two issues: the impact of science and technology on the social life of the individual, and an in-depth research into the secrets of science, which holds the key to our future. Both topics are attempting to provide solutions for bridging the powerlessness of the individual in contemporary society.

KIBLIX addresses a wide set of target audiences: elementary school, high school and university students, researchers, all those working in culture and the arts, IT and computer science experts and enthusiasts, pensioners and active citizens, etc.

The list of artists who have participated in one of the KIBLIX festival editions points to centers of power in interdisciplinarity and connectivity at the European and global level; it also proves that the scientific and artistic production in Slovenia is catching up to the European. Statistics show that, given its population size, Slovenia is at the very top in the field of interdisciplinarity in Europe. In this sense, there is an attitude developing in the wider Slovenian space, mostly on behalf of university professors, researchers, students, i.e., in education system structures, among scientists and IT experts –in relation to those artistic segments that are concerned with understanding the present and developing the future.