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Ultramono LABS x KIBLIX / MetaGarden Sphere4: Guided Tours and DJ sets

08.07.2021 14:48

Ultramono LABS x KIBLIX
MetaGarden Sphere4: Guided Tours and DJ sets

Become part of a work of art! Immerse yourself, meditate and enjoy the scenery of the MetaGarden anytime online  by following the provided link below, or join us on specially organized event.

On Saturday, 10 July 2021, Ultramono LABS and the KIBLIX festival invite you to MetaGarden Sphere 4 by Tanja Vujinović, world in virtual reality on VRChat platform. A live event will consist of guided tours of the world by TanjaV and sound performances by DnDaan, AdhDJ, Wyatt Schmidt, Indicah, Shasha starting at CEST 19:00 / EDT 13:00. Each set lasts two hours.

You can join the event in desktop or VR mode or join as at the exhibition space KIBLA PORTAL between 19:00 and 21:00, where you can directly immerse yourself into a virtual environment. Join hosts TanjaV or Levia2501 or any of our DJs.

MetaGarden is Tanja Vujinović’s  ongoing series of projects, each devoted to different subjects of contemporary life, art, science, and technology.

VRChat  link to world MetaGarden Sphere4:

Host TanjaV VRChat link:

Host Levia2501 VRChat link:

More about the project here:

Wyatt Schmidt:

CEST 19:00–21:00 / EDT 13:00–15:00 DnDaan
CEST 21:00–23:00 / EDT 15:00–17:00 AdhDJ
CEST 23:00–01:00 / EDT 17:00–19:00 Wyatt Schmidt
CEST 01:00–03:00 / EDT 19:00–21:00 Indicah
CEST 03:00–05:00 / EDT 21:00–23:00 Shasha

Ultramono is a platform for the production of artworks, events, and research in arts & science. Ultramono labs is a place of futuristic art and digital permaculture, inspiring conversations, and gallery and clubbing events in retrofuturistic ambients of  MetaGarden, worlds created by Tanja Vujinović.