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KIBLA2LAB presentation at a business meeting in The Hague

24.06.2023 09:00

On Saturday 24 June 2023, the KIBLA2LAB team attended a business meeting in The Hague organised by the German company Takomat GmbH, which is involved in the development of serious games. Serious games are being developed for industry, urban planning and other areas, the themes of which can be socially useful, educational, semi-scientific, and above all, in today's world, complement the role of educational institutions, law and authorities, social norms, and place video games and related applications in a field of action that goes far beyond entertainment.

We discussed storytelling in the fields of energy, serious games and design, and presented the work and pilot projects of KIBLA2LAB as an interdisciplinary laboratory that also uses digital storytelling to address, in addition to the above-mentioned fields, the digitisation of cultural heritage and the creative use of new technologies and simulations, with the primary goal of an enjoyable user experience.

The Takomat team from Düsseldorf, the Badenova team from Freiburg, Sagemcom from Hamburg, the designers from Zurich, part of the KIBLA2LAB team and the rest of the participants have made new acquaintances and networks through the exchange of experiences in formal and informal communication, and will stay in contact for new business opportunities.

Photo: Archive ACE KIBLA