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Expert visit to DDTLab from MOME University of Art and Design, Hungary

29.06.2023 09:00

On 29 June 2023, we will host representatives from the MOME University of Art and Design from Hungary at the DDTLab research laboratory located in Delavski dom Trbovlje.

During their professional visit, they will have the opportunity to try out the Vertigo Bird 2020 experience - a virtual climb up the Trbovlje Chimney, which is the tallest chimney in Europe.

They will also see the AR tools exhibition, which is part of the permanent installation in the Virtualni muzej rudarstva 4. DRITL. The inspiration for the museum's new installation was drawn from the Trbovlje artist Jože Potokar - Cvrčo, who prefers to paint images from everyday life in the mining environment. Cvrčo, with his drawings of motifs from the everyday life of a miner, provides us with the basis on which we have intertwined the past with the contemporary in a way that the visitor, with the help of a smartphone or a smart tablet, brings to life the mining tools on the graphic.

They will also learn about the iconic AR Laibach App, so-called Augmented Reality content, which allows you to experience the iconic Laibach posters in a new, innovative way via your smartphone or tablet; as if time captured in the posters had come to life again.

In our lab, we have created the successful NeuroFly project in collaboration with AFormX. They from the MOME University of Art and Design in Hungary will finish their expert visit by controlling an ultra-light aircraft with brain signals, i.e. they will be able to fly over Zasavje or in a fairytale world on a kite using their mind activity.