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KIBLIX 2020 / Panel Discussion: How to Overcome Time of Physical Distance with XR

08.12.2020 16:00

KIBLIX 2020 / Panel Discussions
THURSDAY, 10. 12. 2020, at 6 p. m. CET
Live stream at

Join us this Thursday, 10 December at 6 p. m. CET for the second panel discussion of this year's KIBLIX festival. Panel entitled »How to Overcome Time of Physical Distance with XR Technologies« will be moderated by Žiga Pavlovič, Creative Lead of KIBLA2LAB. Guests: Jože Guna, PhD (University of Ljubljana), Erik Kapfer (Conceptual Lead and Co-founder of the Velenje Model City) and Marko Cafnik (CEO, film, tv and XR Director and Producer at MULTIVERSUM)

The panel will be live streamed  here:  For questions and comments, you will be able to use the chat window on the right side of the screen.

XR technologies are gradually being introduced into business processes, where there are currently more business opportunities due to less interest in the consumer public. The situation has changed due to the necessary physical distance, making it impossible to visit events, museums, concerts, and other public events, which resulted in a real-life problem. How to live as before in the time of physical distance also through the virtualization of social life? Through a conversation about the XR industry in Slovenia, human resources development, and the virtualization of life, guests will present the active solutions they offer and talk about maintaining the flow of exchange of technical knowledge on the local, regional and global level.