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04.05.2020 12:50

HEKA is a laboratory at the intersection of science, art and the economy based on the concept of so-called »citizen science«.

It is a platform of networking and cooperation between different stakeholders, establishing a dialogue between society and science using art and artistic thinking. The primary starting point of HEKA is the introduction of empathic curiosity and compassion, which is characteristic of art, into scientific methods of research. The guiding principle is the awareness that technology, art and the economy always impact an individual and society. Therefore, we want to bring these areas closer to individuals in harmony.

It is the first space of its kind in Istria. It operates in the following thematic areas:

- Researching the human impacts on the marine ecosystem.
- Researching spatial sound reproduction.
- Researching biomaterials.
- Cooperation with the Central Technical School in Koper in implementing the training program of mechatronic techniques laboratory work.

The red thread that subtly links the thematic areas deals with the climate crisis and its consequences. The thematic scope will be prepared by external collaborators. Currently, the laboratory houses intermedia artist and researcher Robertina Šebjanič and sound researcher, composer, media systems designer, and curator in the field of musical art Mauricio Valdés San Emeterio.

HEKA aims to become a space of integration for all who recognize the value of activating potentials, education, transformation, and humanization through the empathic merging of science, art, and the economy. The laboratory will be open to the public through workshops, major events, and open days, where visitors will be able to attend a guided demonstration of the operation of HEKA.

Head of the laboratory:

Marko Vivoda


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