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Trajna Association's invitation to fill out a questionnaire about a local brand

16.04.2020 14:00

Trajna Association, which is a partner in our project, is currently in the process of creating a brand of organic paper, Notweed Paper, which is made from invasive plants.

The authors are pioneers in this field and want to establish a local brand that would shift the existing paradigms of the environmentally harmful paper industry.

In order to better understand the interest and needs of the market in supporting sustainable practices such as theirs, they ask you to fill out a short questionnaire to help them to develop further. You can access the questionnaire here.

As a thank you, they offer a 5% discount on the purchase of paper, and for those willing to conduct an interview with them, they will send free samples of paper in return.

They will also appreciate if you share the questionnaire with potential stakeholders.