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Festival IZIS UND3R Quarantine

17.05.2020 21:37

The coronavirus situation has overwhelmed this year's 8th edition of the IZIS festival, so the festival team is moving it to a better time.

The decision to do so came out of a desire for the festival to take place in a relaxed and, above all, healthy atmosphere. New dates will be announced on time.

The festival team stays with you all the same; they are regularly preparing interesting topics, which you can already check out on their Facebook page

The festival is being moved to a different date in the belief that the program can grow even more daring and bigger in scope. Until then you can watch the first out of a series of live performances, which addresses questions such as: Is quarantine and confinement a form of mass psychological torture? How can I illustrate the destruction of my reality?

The performance is the work of Brad Downey, an excellent conceptual artist, currently artist-in-residence as part of our project.

See the performance here