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Save the Date for the IZIS X. PIPES Festival

23.09.2022 10:00

»The 10th anniversary edition of the IZIS Festival takes up as its basic element the pipe – something elongated and hollow that normally provides, in secret, all the inflows and outflows that keep our lives running as smoothly as possible either in the bowels of our homes and cities or inside our bodies.« (Karlo Hmeljak)

In addition to the program including renowned Slovenian and foreign artists, this year's jubilee edition of the IZIS Festival also boasts a new venue. The festival will take place between 23 September and 16 October 2022 at the Libertas Cultural Hub and the Bastion Fortress in Koper.

The program at the Libertas exhibition center will consist of nine intermedia installations, some of which will be presented to the public for the first time. These include:
• PiNA's production by Maja Smrekar, co-authored with Jonas Jørgensen: !brute_force, which will be premiered at Ars Electronica between 7 and 11 September 2022.
• Upgraded co-productions at the HEKA lab: Hylē by Theresa Schubert, APES: by Marco Barotti and α by BridA:.
• Presentation of new productions by artists of the younger generation – Sara Bezovšek: Wormhole and Nika Erjavec: 30,000,000,000,000 tons per year.

Bastion will offer a performative program exploring the future of sound multi-channel immersive (re)production, an area where the HEKA lab is already breaking new ground. Three multi-channel sound installations and numerous performances will be staged during the festival (Tilen Lebar, Simon Whetham, Octext, Oscar Recarte & Rosa Marìa Vall, Andrej Kobal, Marina Mårtensson).

This year, HEKA, a laboratory at the intersection of art and science, will host three workshops on sound creation, biomaterials, and sound polarity. Pre-registration for the workshops is required.

The festival, including performances and workshops, will be free of charge.



Photo: Aleš Rosa