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Presentation of HEKA and DDTlab at the R.o.R. festival

23.05.2022 15:00

Next week, HEKA and DDTlab will present their work at the R.o.R. Contemporary and Intermedia Art Practices Festival, which will take place between 23 and 28 May 2022 in Nova Gorica, Gorizia and Šempas.

HEKA will prepare a workshop on 3D scanning of smaller objects. At the workshop, we will experience 3D scanning of objects using the SHINING 3D EinScan-SP. You will get to know how to use a 3D scanner, what are its advantages and limitations. We will scan objects, brought by you and prepare 3D scans of objects in digital form, ready for 3D modeling and/or 3D printing. The workshop will be carried out by Borut Jerman, head of HEKA, together with Gjorgji Despodov, an ESE volunteer who is currently working at HEKA.

DDTlab will be present at the festival with Creative Robotics projects. Visitors will meet our NAO robot Eva and create a unique comic book using artificial intelligence (AI). Through the brain-computer interface (BCI), you will be able to operate Yaskawa s industrial robotic arm and get to know its different, »out of the box« performance mode, as it will present itself as a robotic artist, Yaski. The pilot project NeuroFly, which DDTlab is developing together with AFormX, an aeronautical technology, and fine mechanics company, will also be presented. The general public will be able to operate the flight simulator solely by using the BCI interface.

This year’s edition of R.o.R. festival, entitled A Moment in Time, is an exploration of the widespread presence of technology in modern-day society. It questions how the artists are coping with extreme technologic development, from seeking out new possibilities for artistic production to observing how technologic progress has changed our perception of human values. The artistic projects featured touch upon various subject, ranging from obsolete industrial heavy machinery which shaped our history, to high-tech projects reaching into an interdisciplinary field where art meets science and state-of-the-art technology.


Photo: BridA & Matej Vidmar