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03.05.2021 08:22

Team: DDTlab, Yaskawa, dr. Uroš Ocepek, Primož Ocepek, Žan Rajšek and the Trbovlje Newmedia Setting (TNM)

As part of the McRUK Network of Research Arts and Culture Centers project, the DDT-RUK research laboratory, in collaboration with Yaskawa, presents the NeuroYaski project. The project is a unique transfer of technology from the industrial field to the social field, which brings the virtue of humanity to the repetitive robotic arm.

The user controls Yaskawa's robotic arm MotoMini via a brain-computer interface – BCI. The brain-computer interface is a powerful computer system that enables direct communication between the brain and the device that we want to control and operate by using the brain. In the case of NeuroYaski, it will be possible to control the robotic arm of the manufacturer Yaskawa.

• rehabilitation,
• an innovative tool for learning about robotics and BCI technology – education,
• an innovative tool for creative expression,
• an innovative tool for teleoperated guidance/control of the robotic arm.