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RUK x KIBLA2LAB International Residency Program: Alice Daeun Kim

23.09.2021 20:51

KIBLA2LAB is hosting its third international art residency in a row. On Friday, September 24, a 3D digital content designer from South Korea, Alice Daeun Kim will arrive in Maribor. She will participate in the RUK pilot project Invisible Maribor implemented by KIBLA2LAB, where she will design content for AR and VR experiences.

Alice Daeun Kim is an artist who focuses on 3D digital media content, space and the design of moving images. She explores ways in which stories and ideas could be told by using virtual and augmented reality and how to present them to the audiences in an interactive way and through immersion. Due to this she adheres to using technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality and projection techniques used to transform objects, often irregular shapes, into visuals. Her work was exhibited in London, Lisbon and in Seoul in South Korea.