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Pilot projects

Recycling plastic with 3D printing

16.04.2020 18:02

The usage of plastic over the last century has become a global problem. The purpose of the recycling machine is to manufacture products that could be re-used instead of being thrown away, and, the best part is that all the things we don't need anymore, we will be able to recycle them again.

The study and pilot implementation of a prototype recycling machine based on blockchain technology and 3D printing, as well as the entire chain from plastic waste to various possibilities of reuse, are in the technical phase of implementation.The primary purpose of the study and implementation of the prototype machine is, of course, to reduce plastic waste and turn it into something useful. For this purpose, a prototype machine is being made, which will use waste plastics to produce filament (filler) for 3D printers, which have become increasingly popular in recent years.