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PiNA Invites to the Longevity Exhibition

25.11.2021 13:14

PiNA invites you to the exhibition Longevity, which is the culmination of a year-long educational process in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts and Design and the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology at the University of Ljubljana. The exhibition will be on display at the Mala galerija in Ljubljana until 16 December 2021.

The challenges of demographic ageing have been generating significant amount of discussion in the »first« and »second« worlds for some time now and are an increasingly important aspect of the new social contracts. Surpassing the daily political manipulations of this trend, the question of its social and economic implications is becoming a subject of serious scientific research in various fields. It is precisely the involvement of the natural sciences,
humanities and the civil society that ensures these challenges are addressed in a way that are both solidarity-oriented and inclusive, but at the same time oriented towards finding practical solutions.

In this way, under the mentorship of experts from ALUO, FKKT and PiNA, students of the 2nd cycle of the Graphic Design program at the Department of Visual Communication of the Academy of Fine Arts and Design of the UL, created projects, which pose questions about multidisciplinary design solutions to face the demographic challenges of the future.

Opening hours:
Tuesday–Saturday: 11 a.m.–7 p.m.

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