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KIBLA2LAB opening!

03.06.2020 18:49

Last Friday, 3 June 2020, KIBLA2LAB opened its doors! We are very greatful to allof our visitors for meeting us in this exciting new space where contemporary art, sciences and technology intersect!

The purpose of KIBLA2LAB, which operates at the crossroads of art, culture, science, technology, and economy, is transdisciplinary education and the creation of interdisciplinary services and products. It presents test and implementation laboratory with modern technology, equipment for 3D scanning of large buildings and urban areas, 3D design, photogrammetry, geolocation VR, AR and MR visualizations (virtual, augmented and mixed reality), volumetric video and film, production of models and 3D objects. It provides space for research and specific education and establishes an incubator for ideas, development, and implementation in the market.

The opening of KIBLA2LAB was accompanied by a presentation of the laboratory, content and technological orientations, demo presentations of pilot projects, interactive simulations in virtual and virtual reality (VR / AR) environments, and a presentation of the project Love Machine by intermedia artist Valerie Wolf Gang. Visitors were invited to immerse themselves into various virtual environments and to experience different VR art works produced by our partners Khora Contemporary.

Photo: Janez Klenovšek