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Join our 100-hour training experience for leaders – Creatorship

18.01.2022 12:00

Creatorship is a new creative leadership program designed by PiNA to empower innovative, authentic, collaborative and resilient leaders. The first edition will take place between 15 March and 7 June 2022.  

Creativity is one of the essential executive skills for 2020 and beyond.
– World Economic Forum

In conjunction with the principles of the HEKA Lab, Creatorship offers a 100-hour live and online training experience that combines the science of leadership with the power of artistic ingenuity to empower leaders with skills and insights to lead collaborative teams, solve challenges and navigate the uncertainty and rapid change of the 21st Century effectively.

The format of the training includes live and online expert workshops, group and individual coaching, implementation support for participants to put learning into action during the 3-month timeline of the course, and the opportunity to become part of a peer to peer creativity support network from across different sectors and industries.

Why Creativity?

The nature of how we work is changing, and so is the context in which we’re doing it. From COVID-19 to climate change, businesses are handling greater complexity and facing new challenges, decisions and opportunities daily. Creatorship helps individuals and businesses adapt and thrive in this uncertain environment by building creative confidence.

Whether it’s expressed through art, science or daily problem solving, creativity is a natural state that we all have the potential to experience, but for most people it is inhibited and discouraged in the spaces where we live and work. Unblocking creativity, and developing the capacities to lead creative teams, is a process of personal growth and collaborative experimentation, which opens the possibility for workplace cultures that inspire new business innovation, high team performance and collective fulfilment.  

Who is it for?

Creatorship is for established and emerging leaders, including institutional managers and freelance business owners and creative practitioners, in any industry.

The course will accept 24 participants, based on an online application (see more information below).


Creatorship supports leaders to develop creative confidence, identify and improve their unique leadership skills and capacities, lead a process of a change in the workplace, break through organizational systems and structures holding back new ideas, adapt to new market conditions, improve team morale, idea generation and effectiveness, collaborate more effectively with teams, partners and experts and address sustainable development creatively.

Course Dates
The first course will take place 15 March–7 June 2022.
The deadline for applications is 20 February 2022, 5 p.m. (CET).

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