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Epic Games announced a new chapter of Unreal Engine 5

25.05.2020 10:12

Epic Games, developers of the original game engine Unreal Engine, which is becoming a universal production tool for real-time digital visualization, announced a new chapter of Unreal Engine 5 on 13 May 2020. A full release is expected in 2021. Two new technologies are at the forefront:

  • Nanite, which simplifies the management of high polygon building blocks through automatic scaling. No more manual processing of 3D models to capture polygon constraints with respect to the platform? Yes, but only when using Nvidia graphics cards! Especially convenient for the introduction of 3D scanned objects and point clouds, which may contain millions of polygons.

  • Lumen, which is a fully dynamic global illumination solution that immediately reacts to scene and light changes.

Epic Games is also retroactively introducing a royalty waiver for Unreal, from January 2020 until you reach a $ 1 million turnover per project. Unreal is thus becoming a serious competitor to Unity, which in recent years has become the primary tool for creating interactive content in indie and art circles.

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