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DDTlab received a special national award for the 2020 Innovation Challenge!

07.12.2020 12:50

The BCI painter project was created in cooperation with the Secondary Technical and Vocational School Trbovlje (STPŠ Trbovlje).
Innovators: dr. Maša Jazbec - DDTlab, dr. Uroš Ocepek, Matic Bernot in Jon Tavčar - STPŠ Trbovlje

We are delighted and proud to announce that DDTlab is the recipient of a SPECIAL NATIONAL RECOGNITION FOR THE 2020 INNOVATION CHALLENGE - COOPERATION OF CULTURAL-CREATIVE INDUSTRIES AND ECONOMY at the national level GZS (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia) innovations for 2020, which represents the highest recognition of innovative companies for innovation BCI painter.

The history of innovation awards dates back to 1997 when the Zasavje Regional Chamber decided to support dissident individuals in innovative companies and on 23. January granted the first regional awards for the best innovations. The movement initially spread to other regions, and in 2002 the awards gained national character. All regional chambers of commerce have joined, and the national event now represents a selection of the best innovations from the best in the regions.

Therefore, this year marks 24 years of the award at the regional level and 18 years at the national level. In the past 17 years, awards have been given to over 10.200 innovators and more than 2.980 innovations throughout Slovenia. At the national level, 142 gold awards were presented, and the GZS awards for innovation are recognized both in Slovenia and abroad.

Innovations submitted by innovators to a specific regional call are evaluated by members of the regional commissions. They evaluate innovation proposals on the basis of a description of the problem and its solution, the dimension of the innovation, a description of the innovation situation, the protection of the innovation, the innovation team, the user, the market, and the financial and sustainable effects. In accordance with the evaluation methodology, the commissions award various recognitions and propose at least three best-evaluated innovations for the national level. The selection of the best innovations from all 13 regions is assessed by a national commission, which presents the Chamber of Commerce and Industry awards for innovation at the national level.

Photo: Matjaž Očko