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DDTlab at EXPO Dubai 2020

11.10.2021 15:41

At the opening of the EXPO Dubai 2020 world exhibition, Slovenia was the first country in the world to issue a series of non-fungible crypto tokens, NFT's in the form of digital souvenirs for visitors to promote the achievements of the economy and tourist destinations. It is a collection of 15.000 unique digital 3D exhibits and exclusive panoramic or 360° photos.

We are pleased to inform you that DDTlab is also involved with the Vertigo Bird 2020 project! It is a unique experience – a virtual ascent to a 360-meter high chimney. It is the tallest building in Slovenia and the tallest chimney in Europe.

DDTlab at EXPO:


The project was created on the initiative of the public agency SPIRIT Slovenia and financial incentives within the tender »Design of applicable solutions for digital presentation of companies and participants in representation events at home and abroad«.