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The First Cycle of Cultural Management Education Successfully Completed

08.07.2021 17:55

In June, we completed the cycle of cultural management educational activities carried out by the PiNA team in cooperation with external collaborators.

Between March and June, we carried out 13 educational activities with all career centers of the University of Maribor, the University of Ljubljana, the University of Primorska, and the University of Nova Gorica and JSKD (Public Fund for Cultural Activities) from all over Slovenia.

We brought together more than 300 participants who, through training, learned how to plan projects in the field of culture, what legal entities exist to implement projects, how to find funding for project implementation, how to communicate projects, and how to plan the financial structure of the project.

Notwithstanding the initial planned live training, we were able to carry them out in our online environment in our way – participants were fully involved in the learning process. They immediately tested their knowledge in practice through theory.

We are delighted that some projects have already come to life. People have come together and started working together to form the future of cultural projects in local environments, which has also been the primary purpose of the educational cycle.

Participants described the training as »an interesting experience of teamwork«, »surprised by group work, getting to know, diversity of fields of activity«, »I am positively surprised, as it was not only listening to information but also active participation.«

We will continue with the educational cycle in the autumn, when you can expect five more sessions. We will inform you of the details in September 2021.