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Creative Robotics Workshop in the scope of Maša Jazbec's solo exhibition at the Božidar Jakac Gallery

28.01.2023 10:00

At the workshop organised by Galerija Božidar Jakac, where Maša Jazbec is presenting her solo exhibition Synthetic Organisms, we will meet Eva the robot, who will demonstrate robot dancing and singing, as well as facial recognition. We will also try our hand at controlling the robot Eva with the power of thought (using brain signals with BCI technology). We will learn about the industrial robotic arm Yaski - a drawing machine is a robotic art installation that creates sketches and drawings of people. The robotic arm presented in the installation is usually used in industrial production, while in the workshop we want to free it and give it an artistic task.

The workshop is suitable for children from 8 years of age on, and anyone interested in robotics. It will be conducted by Tanja Hanžič, Maša Jazbec and Žan Rajšek (RUK and Katapult Robotika).

Registration fee: 15 EUR (second participant from the family 10 EUR). For more information please contact: or 07 49 88 140.

*Masa Jazbec's exhibition Synthetic Organisms is on display in the former monastery church of the Božidar Jakac Gallery until 26 February 2023.