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BCI Painter

03.05.2021 08:24

Team: DDTlab and Secondary Technical and Vocational School Trbovlje in cooperation with the Austrian company g.tec.
Authors: dr. Uroš Ocepek, Ph.D. Maša Jazbec, Matic Bernot and Jon Tavčar

Thought device management is no longer science fiction but is part of the present, as this area covers the development of devices based on BCI technology. The BCI painter innovation is based on a virtual keyboard, through which the user selects options with thoughts via the BCI interface – brush strokes, reminiscent of the brush strokes of the renowned Zasavje academic painter Janez Knez.

The target group of innovation users is also people with disabilities and individuals with speech/communication deficits. The purpose of the innovation is to overcome the physical and speech impaired's problem and present and bring modern technology closer to a broader audience, which otherwise does not have the opportunity to get to know and test this type of modern technology.

• rehabilitation,
• an innovative tool for artistic creation,
• an innovative tool for preserving cultural heritage.