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AR Tools Exhibition

21.01.2022 15:28

Team: DDTlab, Jože Potokar – Cvrčo, Matic Bernot (STPŠ)

The AR Tools exhibition is part of the permanent installation in the Virtual Mining Museum of the 4th dritl. The inspiration for upgrading the current museum's placement was drawn from the Trbovlje-based artist Jože Potokar – Cvrčo, who most of all enjoys painting images from everyday life from the mining environment. Based on his drawings of motifs from the everyday life of a miner, we have intertwined the past with the present in such a way that the visitor can use a smartphone or a smart tablet to bring the mining tools to life by using technology.

In DDTlab we have prepared content designed for augmented reality (AR) whereas Matic Bernot, a student from the Trbovlje Secondary Technical and Vocational School (STPŠ), has developed an AR tool application in DDTlab, which allows that the kroca, pikas, zihrca, kramp (translator’s note the expressions for traditional mining tools remained untranslated since they are archaic and do not have an English equivalent) and other mining tools come to life in front of us in augmented reality (XR) or in a 3D environment.