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XR Cannes festival and CannesXRchallenge

25.05.2020 10:12

Cannes XR Virtual is a 3-day online event dedicated to immersive entertainment, which will take place between 24 and 26 June 2020. The program includes 180/360 degree videos, films VR experience and other innovative forms of AR, VR and MR experience, joined under the umbrella term Extended Reality – XR. Individual works will compete for prizes in several categories.

Due to the coronavirus situation, you can visit the festival only virtually. For the same reason, you can expect many themes focusing on the impact of social distancing, ways of solving the problem of isolation, and the lack of physical contact. Whether solutions will be based on VR social worlds, interactive haptic elements, or virtual assistants, will be seen in the coming years.

Until the festival begins, you can participate in Cannesxrchallenge as creators in the development of 20 projects, which ill be selected by the organizer, Garage Stories. Teams will be created until 31 May 2020!

Source: Marchédufilm and GarageStories