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World Future Verse Conference 2022

20.09.2022 09:00

Do you want to take a peek into the future? You can do it almost literally at the Word Future Verse international conference organized by the Ljubljana Technology Park and other partners at the Festival Hall in Bled from 29 September to 1 October 2022. By bringing together leaders and creative visionaries from different industries, fostering their curiosity, and gathering them in one space, we hope to ignite the light of innovation in each and every one of the participants.

The conference will discuss the hottest topics at the moment: Metaverse, NFT Internet 3.0, and Blockchain technologies, which also mean a ticket to a successful business in the future, an understanding of marketing, and new business opportunities.

Similar to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, Slovenia is also one of the leading countries in the world in the fast growing field of NFT and Metaverse. Let us remember that we were the first country in the world to issue irreplaceable NFT tokens promoting our tourist destinations at the opening of EXPO Dubai 2020.

The trends of the future are heralded by world-famous names

The organizers of the World Future Verse Conference aim to present to the international and global public digital and in-depth solutions to improve the development of innovative marketing and technology approaches and new business models. We will host world-leading experts and creative visionaries who will present examples of best practices in cutting-edge technologies and highlight trends, issues and challenges of the future.

The conference is divided into three program parts. The first will cover the area of blockchain technologies in the context of green transformation and digital transformation. The second and third days will focus on virtual and augmented reality technologies, NFT, Web3.0 and DAO solutions.

Promoting circular and digital development

The conference aims, among other things, to discover opportunities for the development of cultural and creative tourism through the digitization of cultural heritage, the possibility of using virtual and augmented reality, and the use of blockchain technologies.

»Through the paradigm of the use of advanced technologies, the common thread of the conference will be directed towards a digital, sustainable and green future, which is one of the key elements of the new perspective of the European Union. Great emphasis will also be placed on the creation of worlds in the metaverse and the development of creative tourism using virtual and augmented reality,« says Aleš Pevc, head of the Technology Office and Development Projects at the Ljubljana Technology Park.

The event will also host the Circular 4.0 conference on Friday, September 29, 2022, which aims to connect the circular economy, digital transformation and Industry 4.0.

Metaverse Theater

At the conference venue, the creators of the program promise a unique »Metaverse Theater« that will make visitors believe a fusion of an open space for the development of personal potential, digital skills and learning about the most advanced technologies. They will invite you into a virtual time machine and send you to the near future. Through the presentation of new technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, you will learn the concepts of Metaverse, NFT and Blockchain and discover the best version of yourself by choosing different avatars.

During the conference days, examples of best practices in the use of future technologies in business and industry will also be presented in the Bled Festival Hall. Visitors will have the opportunity to test and develop ideas in the field of metaverse and virtual and augmented reality technologies. Opportunities for support and vouchers for companies and start-ups operating in the metaverse will also be presented: XR and NFT.

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