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RUK is a network of research centers at the intersection of art, science and technology. In this interdisciplinary triangle, we are developing innovative products and services for the soft and humane technology of the future. The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund. More ...


Towards a Humane Technology

24.04.2023 09:00

Towards a Humane Technology
Showcase exhibition of the Network of Art and Cultural Research Centers

On Monday, 24 April, at 5 p.m., we invite you to Cankarjev dom, where in the First Foyer we will open a showcase exhibition of the Network of Art and Cultural Research Centers - RUK, which consists of Delavski dom Trbovlje (Trbovlje), ACE KIBLA (Maribor) and PiNA (Koper). The exhibition will be opened in the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Digital Transformation of the Republic of Slovenia. A conference titled Towards a Humane Technology will be held on the day of the exhibition's opening, between 11.30 a.m. and 4 p.m., in the newly opened Alma Karlin Hall.

After three years of interdisciplinary development, bringing together various stakeholders and pushing the boundaries in the fields of augmented reality technologies, robotics and artificial intelligence, digitization and digitization of cultural heritage, ecology, and sustainable development, innovative and visionary pilot projects, products, artworks, festivals, and educational programmes will be presented. We will connect and present several creative areas, methodological approaches, and production contexts through the displayed projects, in which we will try to introduce new technologies into the basic postulates of the modern society of the twenty-first century according to the principle of technology humanization.

Confronting the works that emerge from the postulates of consideration and reflection, openness and cooperation, mutual reciprocity, ideas and action were the ideas of only pushing to assemble the parts into a coherent community and opening spaces for the realisation of projects with knowledge and behaviour, ingenuity, research, and experiments as artistic elements.

What we have implemented and put into practice reflects our perception of technology's humanization. Even our current work and future plans continue the design of the Network of Art and Cultural Research Centre - RUK at the intersection of modern technologies, science, and economy as an interdisciplinary hub for the development of innovative products and services for the future soft and humane technology. The integration of art and culture into scientific and technological research, development and innovation, digitization, entrepreneurship, training and education with an emphasis on the humanities and social sciences, ecology, circular economy, and sustainable development is also an incentive for Slovenia to be more equal regionally, as it contributes to the even development of regions as well as the three fundamental pillars of the development strategy: digital development, circular economy and Industry 4.0.

Production/co-production and cooperation of laboratories of the RUK Network:

Laibach: Quadrophenia
Tomo Križnar, Bojana Križnar Pivk, Tanja Hanžič, Maša Jazbec: Nube 360°
Dunking Devils, HSE, Arctur, Iztok Kovač: Vertigo Bird 2020
Varvara & Mar, Žan Rajšek, Maša Jazbec: Robot Yaski Art
Laibach, Matic Bernot (STPŠ Trbovlje) and Društvo TNM: AR Laibach
DDTlab, AFormX: NeuroFly
Speculum Artium New Media Culture Festival

Robertina Šebjanič, Sofia Crespo, Feileacan McCormick: AquA(l)formings – Interweaving the Subaqueous
Boštjan Čadež - Fšk: Mr. Processor, do you understand life?
Brad Downey: Sky Clock, Limestone 45º32'N, 13º38',
Maja Smrekar and Jonas Jørgensen: brute! force: Soft Resilience
name:: Time Will Tell
Experiential Spatial Sound Studio - KUBER / HEKA: Joao Pedro Oliveira - 8-channel ambisonic mix
Experiential Spatial Sound Studio - KUBER / HEKA: Tamara Lašič Jurković, Matevž Kolenc,
Gašper Torkar, Mauricio Valdés San Emeterio - Binaural mix (surround sound on headphones)
Biomaterials / Marko Vivoda and Gjorgji Despodov: Dunch at the Holy Crab
Društvo Trajna / Creative Laboratory KRATER
Cooperativa Puntozero, VR-Team, Slovenian Alpine Museum Mojstrana: Exxplorers – Take a Walk on the Invisible Side
Summer School of Design & Science
Creatorship training programme
Cultural Management education programme
IZIS – Contemporary Intermedia Art Festival

KIBLA2LAB and Arboretum Volčji Potok: VRTN!CA
KIBLA2LAB and the Faculty of Agriculture and Biosystem Sciences UM: Archduke John, Father of Meranovo
Neo Christopher Chung with Diana Bohucka (VR) and Žiga Pavlovič (VR): Artificial Perspectives
Simon Whetham, Maša Dobrina, Valérie Wolf Gang, Monika Pocrnjić: Changed Perspectives
Tanja Vujinović: AvantGarden – Bios6 and MetaGarden – FlowR
Alice Daeun Kim: Minorities
Vojtěch Radakulan: On the Garden of the Future
Laser scans for the project Invisible Maribor
Laser scan of the exhibition KIBLIX 2020–2021: Virtual Worlds Now
Laser scan of KIBLA PORTAL
Valérie Wolf Gang: The Beautiful Face of Artificial Intelligence
International Festival of Arts, Technology and Sciences KIBLIX

Public tours and presentations will be held throughout the exhibition.

The Network of Art and Cultural Research Centre - RUK (2019–2023) is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

Cankarjev dom, First Foyer and Štih Hall, Prešernova cesta, Ljubljana
Opening hours: every day from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.