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Marko Laharnar and DDTlab create a platform about the experience of one's own mind

01.04.2020 00:00

Experiencing one's own brain signals in a virtual environment

The research project, in which Marko Laharnar has been engaged extensively as an outworker for the DDTlab, is a demonstration of experiencing one's own mind in real time.

Corona has not paralyzed us completely. We are carrying on with our research projects from our homes. As for the things that can be done, we are trying to test them live, safely and securely. Today, our outworker Marko Laharnar tested a project he has been temporarily developing from home. At the DDTlabu we are developing a platform for experiencing one's own brain signals in a virtual reality environment. Once completed, the project will enable an immersion into one's own brain signals within a compelling virtual environment in real time.