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Tehnopark Celje is hosting DDTlab

15.09.2020 00:00

In the week from 23 to September 24, 2020, DDTlab, will conduct practical educational workshops intended for all generations in cooperation with Tehnopark Celje. Interactive workshops BCI and VR - COSPACES EDU, will be held under the expert guidance of dr. Maša Jazbec and Tanja Hanžič, B.A. soc.. All workshops will take place in the premises of Tehnopark Celje. You are welcome to join us!


Virtual Reality (VR) and the CoSpaces Edu app

When: September 23, 2020 at 5 p.m.
Workshop duration: 90 minutes
Number of participants: maximum 10
Minimum number of participants: 5
For whom: for primary, secondary students and other interested public
Price: 10 Eur / person
Mentor: Tanja Hanžič, B.A. soc.

The workshop is interactive. At the workshop, we will demonstrate and learn about the practical use of the computer application CoSpaces Edu. Together with the mentor, we will create 3D creations, and then immerse ourselves in virtual glasses (Oculus Go) to explore the created worlds.

Creating with Brain-Computer Interface devices or with interfaces between the brain and the computer/machine

When: September 24, 2020, at 5 p.m.
Workshop duration: 100 minutes
For whom: for all generations (the program is adjusted according to the age of the participants)
Price: 15 Eur / person
Mentor: dr. Maša Jazbec

The workshop is interactive. In this workshop, we get to know the human brain; this amazing organ comprises billions of tiny cells. The mentor will present the Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) - an interface between the brain and the machine/computer, interestingly and interactively (we will be able to write, draw, move the ball with our mind).

Minimum number: 5.

The number of participants is limited.