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Join our 100-hour training experience for leaders – Creatorship

24.02.2023 12:00

The way we work is changing, and so is the context in which we do our work. Organisations face not only increased complexity and new challenges, choices and a new generation of employees who expect a different approach, but also new opportunities. The key to successful leadership is knowing how to create a space of collaboration, acceptance and understanding.

Creativity allows us to create something that did not exist before, to change what no longer serves us and create a different environment, individually and collectively. While all people have the potential to experience creativity, not all environments in which we live or work are designed to foster it. Unleashing creativity and creating a safe space that fosters collaboration opens up new perspectives and solutions, and helps develop a workplace culture that supports innovation, high team performance and sustainable success.

Creatorship coaching fosters creative and collaborative leadership skills.

It empowers leaders to reflect on who they are, how they manage the human aspects of leadership, how they can lead new generations of workers in the future, prepare for the challenges ahead, develop sensitivity and create an environment where their teams can work differently and better.

We believe that addressing feelings and emotional states such as fear, empathy, frustration, and passion can improve workplace relationships in the long term. Part of the coaching will therefore focus on the methods and considerations leaders can use to harness these states to manage their own or their team’s work and even make them work to their team’s advantage.

Creatorship presents a new paradigm of leadership that places more emphasis on empathetic leadership and collaboration and is responsive to social, economic and environmental conditions.

You are invited to participate in a free 100-hour coaching course to bring more creativity and collaboration to your teams.

Who is it for?

The program is aimed at established and emerging leaders from Slovenia. It will be conducted in Slovenian, except for two online workshops, which will be conducted in English.

The program will accept 25 participants based on an online application (more information below).

More about the course:

Creatorship was developed by our expert training team in consultation with the steering group of artists, entrepreneurs, consultants, academics and business change-makers. It draws on the latest global research and practice in leadership development and combines it with PiNA’s interdisciplinary and creative practice of working across industries and fields of knowledge to create impact.

Creatorship is led by an experienced team of facilitators who focus on creating an open, supportive and inclusive environment for individual and group exploration. This is because we have learned in our previous coaching programs that teams work best in such an environment. We will support you on your journey of exploration, which will undoubtedly be a transformative experience.

The value of Creatorship is €2,000; in 2023, all 25 places will be funded by the Slovenian Ministry of Culture and European Union from the European Regional Development Fund to support the launch of the course and the development of a professional alumni network.

This course is for you if:

  • you want to develop confidence in your creativity
  • you want to work more effectively with teams, partners and experts
  • your team lacks connection, new ideas and/or effectiveness
  • you want to introduce small changes in your team that will improve well-being and efficient collaboration
  • your business needs to adapt to new market conditions
  • you are ready for a step change in your leadership skills and capacities
  • you want to apply new methods to proven processes
  • your organisation’s systems and structures prevent you from implementing new ideas.

Important dates:
The course will take place from April 11 to June 24 2023. The closing date for applications is Friday, March 17 2023, at 5 p.m (CET).

To download the info pack with more information, sign up here:

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